Leadership Team

The leadership team at Sigma Supply brings together years of diverse experiences in the packaging industry. Led by the Hamby family, Sigma team leaders shape the vision of providing world-class packaging solutions to our customers.

Maggie Hamby


As President of Sigma Supply of North America, Inc., Maggie’s lifetime experience and exposure with the family business has served her well in her broad responsibilities within the company. Maggie also represents SSNA and its involvement with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (aka: WBENC).

Maggie attended the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR

Megan Johnson

Vice President

Her current focus is co-managing the Dallas/Ft. Worth branch located in Grand Prairie, TX. and growing our business. Megan also represents SSNA and its involvement with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (aka: WBENC).

Megan is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, with a degree in Business Marketing & Management.

Scott Hamby

Vice President, Operations

In addition to the multiple cross functional leadership rolls within the company, Scott’s current primary responsibilities include the overall operations of the company. His lifetime experience and exposure with the family business has served him well with his broad responsibilities within the company.

Scott attended the University of Arkansas, Little Rock

“Banks” Daniel B. Hamby III

Vice President, Sales

Banks also engages in multiple leadership roles within the company. His primary focus is managing the overall sales of the company. His lifetime experience and exposure with the family business has also served him well with his broad responsibilities within the company.

Banks attended the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Sales Team
Alan Hughes, Bill Hollingsworth, David Breitenberg, John Dale, Kevin Anglin, Marty Whitmire, Megan Johnson, Robert Williams, Trey Guenard

Jeff Maness

Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer, Jeff assists with Sigma Supply North America day-to-day departmental interactions. Jeff’s professional experience in operations management with an emphasis in the areas of process control, quality management systems, domestic and international purchasing, and customer service ensures that Sigma Supply will continually pursue results focused process improvements in order to provide our customers the competitive edge in the markets they serve.

Jeff is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a BS in Finance.

Gregg Davidson

Director of Information Technology

Gregg is responsible for the technical services involving computer systems, communications system, EDI, for all company locations in addition to managing the vendor relationships to help ensure that flow of information between our customers and Sigma Supply performs at the industry’s highest level for over 10 years.  Overall, he has 15 years of experience in Information Technology.

Gregg is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, with a degree in Information Science.  Also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees at Harding University and the University of Central Arkansas, along with several IT industry certifications in networking and security, including high level certifications from Microsoft.

Wayne McElroy

Operations Manager

Wayne’s executive role over all Sigma Supply warehouse operations nationally encompasses the major responsibility to make sure that the company runs smoothly and that we achieve our company goals to ensure that incoming vendor materials and outgoing customer orders are on-time every time! Wayne is a true industry expert with over 25 years of distribution management operations.

Steve Messinger

Director of Technical Services

Steve brings over 25 years of engineering and automation experience to the organization. He started his engineering career serving as a proud member of the U.S. Army for 6 ½ years. Afterwards he continued to expand upon his engineering training to include mechanical, electrical, and fluid power systems and design. Steve is currently responsible for managing all aspects of Sigma’s growing service & equipment division including; vendor relationships, systems design, programming, integration, technical support, and an industry-leading team of technicians performing equipment installations and service for new and used equipment.

Heather Burns

Transportation Coordinator

Heather has previously worked in both the trucking and logistics businesses and has brought that knowledge and experience to Sigma Supply to help minimize our shipping costs and maximize efficiency.  She is working directly with several major trucking companies to leverage better rates as well as many logistics companies to obtain the most competitive rates, while helping Sigma Supply deliver orders on time.


Heather has a BS in Marketing Logistics from Arkansas State University, Jonesboro.

Stephen Mohr

Vice President, Marketing / Branch Manager

2970 Shawnee Ridge Court #100
Suwanee, GA 30024

Sales Team
Allen English, Bill Gregg, Don West, Jim Laidman, JR Regan, JT Martin, Kelly Hennessy, Larry Edwards, Ron Dunn

As Sigma Supply’s Vice President of Marketing, Stephen is responsible for business development, increasing Sigma’s brand awareness, and providing effective sales tools and solutions for our consultative sales team and customers.


Dave Ezell

Branch Manager

3316 Townsen
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Sales Team
Bart LaTorre, Clay Hinshaw, Dale Cullins, David King, Ed Walker, Nan Holland

Paul Breitenberg

Branch Manager

1 Sigma Drive
Lake Commorant, MS 38641

Sales Team
Bill Trapp, Chappell Riggins, Connie Golden, Dan Stewart, Doug Pfaff, Dustin Benetz, Earl Gentry, Ed Patterson, Hugh Gentry, Kim Rees, Marcus Wilbert, Mark Cross, Marty Baw, Matthew Prager, Michael Helton, Paula Barron, Richard Brooks, Rick Davidson, Steve Hassell, Tim Fowler, Tom Collins

Scott Sevier

Branch Manager

7199 Al Bourland Drive
Shreveport, LA 71129

Sales Team
Brian McCoy, Cozie Wilhite, Forrest Moore, Neal Chandler, Scott Montgomery

Bill Gupton

Branch Manager

4031 North Pecos Road #100
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Sales Team
Bill Gupton, Chris Hampsten, David Drongesen, Jim Koogler

Roberto Sanchez

Branch Manager

1414 West Carrier Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Sales Team
Bill Adams, Chuck Schumacher, Clarissa Scott, Eli Lopez, Howard Corrigan, John Holman, Kim McKee, Larry Dworsky, Leesa Zimmermann, Luke Humphries, Mark Catlett, Phillip Franks, Ray Graham, Richard Burnett, Steve Hudson, Timm Whitehead, Tobin Lovelace

Tony Guerrero

Branch Manager

6819 Fulton Street
Houston, TX 77022

Sales Team
Bennett Weise, Bill Spruce, Bronwyn Krone, Chris Riley, Eric Walls, Kim Costello, Levi Chimeno

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