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Meagan Criss

Meagan Criss is a team member of the Marketing/Web Development department at SSNA, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, web presence, and graphic design. Marketing covers most of Sigma’s daily communication between staff and sales force, vendors, and customers. Marketing’s most recent project involved SSNA’s National Sales Convention, bringing in our most recognizable vendors to make contact with SSNA 100 plus Account Managers.

Prior to SSNA, Meagan brings over 10 years’ experience in business communication, graphic design, web development, as well as, administrative and organizational leadership. She was hired in 2014 and since then her primary roles are to maintaining Search Engine Optimization results, daily maintenance and development of the SSNA company website and internal Intranet site. She also organizes communication & promotion on all avenues of social media. Meagan is certified as an Amazon Cloud Practitioner. She also claims numerous certifications with Google, Google My Business, AdWords and Analytics for maintaining strategic marketing. Meagan’s greatest strengths are her organizational abilities, creativity, and her program knowledge. She thrives on challenges, particularly those to create company procedures and simplify workflow.