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SSNA’s New Innovation Center

Posted December 30, 2019 by Dannielle Davis

In late 2019, Sigma Supply of North America (SSNA) completed renovations of their 7,000 square foot, climate-controlled, Innovation Center as an expansion to the Equipment & Service Facility located at 301 Mid America Boulevard in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

These advances serve to further enhance the customer experience provided by SSNA. Updates include:

  1. LED lighting throughout the facility
  2. Windows installed to give way to natural lighting
  3. Enhancements to the walls, ceilings, flooring, and roof to provide a lively and refreshing environment
  4. Air and electrical drops installed to allow any machine with electric and pneumatic needs access to those resources at any position within the Innovation Center

By implementing these changes, Sigma Supply of North America can easily transport equipment into and out of the facility. With these new capabilities, trainers can conduct a large number of specialized classes with a hands-on type of training on any machine. The Innovation Center also provides a digital projector with a 160” screen to further demonstrate the capabilities of each piece of equipment.

In addition, Sigma Supply of North America will have the ability to demonstrate fully automated packaging design procedures as well as a new method of testing load containment and stability. This equipment allows them to test to the ISTA standards. This testing is performed by the new Highlight Transportation Simulator.

With these advancements and more to come, SSNA continues to position themselves on the cutting edge to better serve your equipment and packaging needs.


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