Fischbein Model HAS 220

The Fischbein Model HAS 220 Hot Air Sealer provides efficient, cost effective sealing of pillow style or bottom gusset pre-made polyethylene bags up to 60 feet per minute. Standard DC variable speed controls synchronize sealer to conveyor speeds.

Fischbein Model HAS 300

The Fischbein Model HAS 300™ Hot Air Sealer is a high-production sealing system that efficiently closes a wide range of heat sealable pillow-type and gusseted bags at up to 60 linear feet per minute. Easily adjustable controls for the heaters, air

Fischbein Model PBC 6000

The Fischbein Model PBC 6000™ is a heavy duty sealer producing sift resistant bag closure for a wide array of product from food additives and pet food, to pesticides and fertilizers in pinch style paper bags. A variable speed, direct drive system p

Fischbein Model PILS 300

The Fischbein Model PILS 300™ Pinch Inner Liner Sealer features a continuous sealing process that sequentially seals the bag’s inner liner and then folds and seals the top of the pre-glued pinch bag at speeds up to 75 linear feet per minute. The

Hamer Fischbein

A pioneer in bag sealing technology, the first Fischbein sealer was introduced over thirty years ago. Today, Hamer-Fischbein offers a full-range of bag sealing solutions that include pinch style bag closers, hot melt adhesive closers, hot air sealers, pinch inner liner sealers, and a full line of plastic bag sealers. Our sealers are known for their durability, compact design, and innovative features, and are easily integrated into semi or fully automated bagging lines.

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