Packaging Supplies

Shrink Film

Versatile hand-held and machine shrink film for all of your packaging applications. PVC and polyolefin films are puncture-resistant and work well with irregularly shaped items. Our cast and blown hand stretch films come in a variety of gauges and provide superior load stabilization. Opaque stretch film keeps items securely concealed, while colored stretch film works great for inventory control or calling attention to your shipment.

Stran-Flex Shrink Film

Introducing today’s value alternative high performance shrink film. Only from Sigma Supply of North America.

Bollore Shrink Film

Sigma Supply of North America is the official supplier of Bollore’s cost-effective, Bolphane® multilayer polyolefin shrink films.

IPG Shrink Film

IPG’s ExlfilmPlus® and Exlfilm® are among the leading lines of premium shrink film in the packaging industry.