Stran-Flex Carton Sealing Tapes

Stran-Flex Carton Sealing Tape Available in acrylic and hot-melt versions. Various widths and gauges.

Carton Sealing Tape

Sigma Supply brings you carton-sealing tape from leading brands like 3M, IPG, Shurtape, Tesa, and TaraTape. These box sealing tapes are specially formulated to stick to recycled corrugated boxes and feature a strong backing that provides a [...]

Duct and Cloth Tape

Duct & Cloth Tape Sigma Supply offers a full range of Duct & Cloth Tape to satisfy [...]

Double Coated Tape – Double Sided Tape

Double Coated Tape and Double Sided Tape When it comes to finding the perfect solution for just [...]

Water Activated Tape

Sigma Supply of North America offers water activated tape (or gummed tape). This tape bonds instantly to both virgin [...]

Filament and Strapping Tape

Intertape™ brand Filament Tapes and MOPP (Monoaxially-Oriented Polypropylene) Tapes are used in many different markets and applications including appliance manufacturing [...]

Flatback Tape – Packaging Tape

Flatback Tape Sigma Supply’s Flatback Tape (Paper Tape or Kraft Paper Tape) is designed for superior performa[...]

Masking Tape

Masking Tape & Painters Tape Sigma Supply offers Masking Tape and Painters Tapes designed for superior performance [...]


Acrylic, adhesive transfer, masking tape, double sided tape, double coated tape, reinforced gum tape, label protection tape, cellophane tape, removable magic tape, double sided foam tape, striped vinyl safety tape, electrical tape, aluminum foil tape, gaffers and duct tape – whatever your application, Sigma Supply has the tape that’s right for your needs.

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