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Quality Compliance Policy

The daily operations within Sigma Supply of North America (SSNA) is compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.  This is the worldwide recognized standard of quality, ensuring consistency within all of our processes and transactions. 

The core competencies of this standard are controlled by the Quality Manual and Quality Policy, and thus demonstrated by Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Work Instructions (WI’s). All product specific warranties and guarantees are extended to you from the original product manufacturers.  We constantly work to ensure your highest level of satisfaction by holding all of our employees, suppliers, and service providers accountable.  Due to this importance, our vendors are not merely transactional; they are viewed as partners within the quality process.  Each and every vendor understands the customer’s needs and helps Sigma Supply to exceed those needs.       

Our Sustainability Programs are based on the guiding principles of the ISO 14000 standard.  Like the ISO9001 standard above, this helps to guarantee that SSNA fully understands our social responsibility.  We accomplish this by facilitating numerous initiatives; management of resources is tantamount to furthering a clean environment, while also making concerted efforts to reduce wastes. Further, because our primary products involve corrugated, plastics, and wood, Sigma Supply realizes that we play an important part in keeping these items out of the landfills. Using natural earth materials and designing products that offer “more” for “less” is our daily mantra. In addition, our water, electric, and recycling initiatives serve to further illustrate the high level of focus that is placed on lessening our global footprint.

The business contingency plans are based on overall risk assessment.  Potential service interruptions to the customer are well defined and understood.  We have created a resource plan to ensure the quick resumption of operations/services in the event of an emergency.  Regular stress tests are made of this plan, and after analyzing the resultant information, we translate corrective/evasive actions from these lessons learned.  Should there be a tangible emergency, your SSNA team stands fully prepared to apply the contingency plan successfully.

Sigma Supply strives to build a strong foundation of dependability, fairness, and consistency in serving all of our customer’s needs.  Our guiding principles are based on industry accepted standards for every facet of our operations.  Consequently, you can rest assured that product requirements and expectations are being fully met when you buy from us.  The documented process control is an extension of our World Class Customer Service and we thank you very much for the opportunity to partner with your organization.