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Why Sigma Supply?

Sigma Supply of North America, Inc provides world-class packaging solutions with the personalized service  you can only get from a family-owned business. Our speed, expertise, and flexibility have helped our customers grow for 45 years. For information on how SSNA can help your packaging operation, please contact us at 800-264-1661.


Sigma’s family-oriented company culture keeps our 200-plus employees committed to our mission of delivering world-class packaging solutions. Our extremely low turnover rate means more experienced, skilled team members working for your business.

Sigma and the Hamby Family

Sigma Supply was founded by Daniel B. Hamby Jr. and Martha Hamby in 1970 as a local packaging supply company in Arkansas. In 2003, Maggie launched Sigma Supply of North America. Two generations later, Sigma is still owned by the Hamby family and serves Fortune 100 and 500 customers from branches across the country.