Tork Products

Hand Towel Dispenser

Whether you're looking to equip washrooms that accommodate thousands of visitors per day, or you intend to provide a luxury experience for a limited number of guests, you'll find the paper towel dispenser that best suits your specific needs and budget.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

An important, but often overlooked detail are the toilet paper dispensers that are used in a restroom. The selection of commercial toilet paper dispensers from Tork, all boast modern and seamless designs which are sure to impress and influence the experience of any use.


When choosing commercial napkin dispensers, it's important to have the needs of your customers in mind. With the extensive range of high-performance paper napkin dispensers from Tork, you can be assured you'll find the perfect solution for you and your business.

Wipers & Cloths

Tork offers task-based wiping, cleaning, polishing, and disinfecting wipes to handle every challenge. The wide offering of Tork wipes and cloths cover all your specific needs, from multipurpose industrial cleaning cloths to advanced heavy-duty wipes.

Skincare Dispensers

Tork offers proven manual and automatic hand soap dispenser solutions in coordinated designs for liquid and foam soap, hand sanitizers and other skincare products. The wall mounted soap dispensers are easy to use and maintain, while controlled dosage with the touchless soap dispensers also helps to eliminate the overuse and spillage of products.