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Bag Sealers

A pioneer in bag sealing technology, the first Fischbein sealer was introduced over thirty years ago. Today, Hamer-Fischbein offers a full-range of bag sealing solutions that include pinch style bag closers, hot melt adhesive closers, hot air sealers, pinch inner liner sealers, and a full line of plastic bag sealers. Our sealers are known for their durability, compact design, and innovative features, and are easily integrated into semi or fully automated bagging lines.

Balers & Shredders

Balers & Shredders shred and compress material into handy bales so they can be easily transported. They are suitable for shredding large quantities – in archives or for professional document shredding services

Carton Sealers

Our over 90 models of carton sealing machines are broken down into 4 categories. Begin finding the case sealer for you, by selecting one of the four categories below.

Case Erectors

Case erectors for extra small to extra tall cases with a wide range of speed and capabilities. Our case erectors can also be integrated with case loaders, providing ultra-compact systems for loading products into corrugated cases.

Case Packers

Case packing solutions for a wide range of footprints and infeed configurations, including top-load, side-load, and drop packing.


SSNA brings you quality conveyors, lifts, and transfer systems for your packaging operation.

InkJet Printing

Inkjet printers are marking systems for fast, non-contact and reliable marking and coding of products of every type and from every industry.

Palletizing Equipment

SSNA brings you the flexibility to dispense, invert, and stack pallets to make your packaging operation as efficient as possible.

Shrink & Bundlers

SSNA offer modular manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic sealers that have a high return on investment.


SSNA offers a full range of fully automatic, automatic, and semi-automatic strapping machines. Semi-automatic strapping machines are the most economical choice. Automatic arch machines are extremely reliable and also come in side seal, dual p

Stretch Wrappers

SSNA provides sales & service for leading national Stretch Wrapping equipment manufacturers like Wulftec, Orion, Phoenix, etc. Be sure to check out our Sigma branded Stran-Flex Plus® Stretch Wrapper. It is a high quality value-priced semi-

Packaging Equipment

Whatever your packaging and material handling needs, Sigma Supply of North America has the equipment, installation and maintenance capability, and operator training to maximize your workflow and bottom line. We offer solutions for handling products large, small, and everything in between.

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