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Strips of thin pieces of wire that can fasten a couple of sheets of paper together with a stapler, or can affix things like canvas or cloth into other surfaces with a staple gun.

Nails / Screws

Fasteners created to join objects together with the help of tools like hammers or drills.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are primarily used in the fastening of electrical cables or wires. However, due to their low cost, they can be used in a variety of different ways as well.

Bale Ties

These iron wires are typically used to compress paper products for recycling.

Stitching Wire

Stitching wire comes in many different spool sizes. The difference in size is used for different applications, and must be brought into consideration when deciding which spool will give best performance.

Tying Twine

Tough thread that normally consists of two or more strands of material to form a stronger bond. Can be used in many applications.

Pallet Bands and Rubber Bands

Pallet bands are used to secure covers, tarps, and sheeting to pallets. They also prevent cartons from falling over. We also provide smaller rubber bands for common household use.