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Stretch Film

A complete range of both blown and cast, machine and hand films to fit every need. In stock and ready to ship!

Hand Stretch Film Millennium Wrap Plus

Strong, light weight, dependable. We have a variety of hand stretch film available in multiple lengths and gauges.

Extreme Green Machine Stretch Film

High-performance machine stretch film. Available in longer-footage rolls.

Stran-Flex Nano Film Roll

Durable machine stretch film. Available in 20 inch and 30 inch. Sold by the pallet.

Hand Stretch Film

Sigma's hand films are available in a variety of widths, gauges and colors in both cast and blown.

Stran-Flex Stretch Film

Sigma’s own Stran-Flex Stretch Film is a high performance, value alternative stretch film. Available in various lengths and gauges.

Machine Stretch Film

Sigma's machine films are available in a variety of widths, gauges, and colors for all standard stretch wrappers. Sigma has commodity and high performance films that are available for testing.

Film Dispensers

Film dispensers hold for easy dispensing.