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Packaging Supplies

SSNA brings you packaging supplies from the brands you trust – 3M, HEXACOMB, IPG, Sealed Air, Pregis, Storopack and more. We stock thousands of different kinds of packaging in distribution centers across the country, ensuring that your packaging operation has what it needs when needed.


We provide the highest quality polyethylene bags, sheeting, and tubing. Made from virgin resins, our products meet FDA and USDA requirements for contact with food products. Our product experts are happy to meet with you

Corrugated Products

SSNA is your trusted, competitive supplier for corrugated packaging, including boxes, die-cuts, honeycomb, and slip sheets.

Protective Cushioning

We can design your protective cushioning for fragile and high-value products using our high performance cushioning materials and systems.

Shrink Film

Versatile hand-held and machine shrink film for all of your packaging applications. PVC and polyolefin films are puncture-resistant and work well with irregularly shaped items. Our cast and blown hand stretch films come in a variety of gauges

Stretch Film

A complete range of both blown and cast, machine and hand films to fit every need. In stock and ready to ship!


Acrylic, adhesive transfer, masking tape, double sided tape, double coated tape, reinforced gum tape, label protection tape, cellophane tape, removable magic tape, double sided foam tape, striped vinyl safety tape, electrical tape, aluminum foil tape

Transit Protection

Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags should do more than just fill a void. When used correctly dunnage air bags create bulk heads and secure incredibly heavy loads