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Acrylic, adhesive transfer, masking tape, double sided tape, double coated tape, reinforced gum tape, label protection tape, cellophane tape, removable magic tape, double sided foam tape, striped vinyl safety tape, electrical tape, aluminum foil tape

Stretch Film

A complete range of both blown and cast, machine and hand films to fit every need. In stock and ready to ship!


SSNA is your trusted, competitive supplier for corrugated packaging, including boxes, die-cuts, honeycomb, and slip sheets.


Highly elastic plastic wrap that can easily wrap around items. Keeps pallets tightly wound to keep your products together and save space in warehouses.


Sigma Supply of North America provides the highest quality open ended, reclosable, wicketed, tubbing, and vacuum seal bags. Virgin resins that meet FDA and USDA requirements are available.

Void Fills

Help lock products in place with our different kinds of void fill. Void fill closes up the free space found in boxes and help protect the products being shipped so they don't move around as much, lowering the chances of breakage.

Transit Protection

We have the right dunnage air bag for your needs sold in vinyl, paper woven, and poly woven material.