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Safety and Security

Sigma Supply of North America is fully committed to the safety and security of all customers, associates, vendors, and visitors.  We prohibit the engagement of any practices that may compromise the safety or security of our stakeholders. 

We utilize various safety measures that are tested on a monthly basis.  This includes fire drills, weather drills, 5S auditing and review, and human factor engineering to ensure that all SSNA facilities are fully compliant.

The aspects of security that are reviewed are cybersecurity, contingency planning, barrier access, and carrier ingress/egress.

SSNA is not a food-grade manufacturer, and while the Bioterrorism Act does not directly apply to our daily practices and procedures, we undertake numerous efforts to ensure the products that we distribute are free from any restrictions that may cause encumbrances or fitness of use issues under the Act.

The above represents a summary of the items that SSNA reviews, tracks, and tests monthly.   

Please direct any additional questions concerning Sigma Supply NA to the Sigma Supply Compliance Department, 501-760-1511.