Sigma Direct

Sigma Direct customers enjoy one-on-one support from dedicated SSNA sales representatives, negotiated pricing and inventory management, and payment terms that suit your budget needs. Our team of specialists source thousands of products daily, delivering the best value to you from local, national, and international suppliers. Learn how to become a Sigma Direct customer today! Call us and ask to speak with our sales representative in your area.


Sigma Supply of North America offers a wide range of tapes including carton sealing tape, water-activated tape, double-coated tape, floor marking tape, filament tape and more!

Stretch Film

A complete range of both blown and cast, machine and hand films to fit every need. In stock and ready to ship!


Corrugated materials of all shapes and sizes for multiple needs.

Bubble Protective Cushioning

Premium protective packaging from leading suppliers.


Thin paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard often used in commercial shipping. These include boxes, sheets, and tubes.

Poly Masks / Shrink Films / Other Films

Highly elastic plastic wrap that can easily wrap around items. Keeps pallets tightly wound to keep your products together and save space in warehouses.


Certified in the shipment of dangerous goods, Sigma Supply of North America is sure to have the right kind of container for your needs. Give us a call to find a representative in your area.

Corner / Angle Board

Safeguards your product during shipping, handling, and storage.


Products that create holes, cuts, or smooth out other materials. Give us a call and ask to speak with your local representative for the tools you need!

Facility Supplies

We can provide you with any of the facility supplies you need to keep operations running smoothly.


Tools used to fasten materials together. For example, screws, nuts, bolts, staples, or others.


Adhesive, also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste, is any non-metallic substance applied to one surface, or both surfaces, of two separate items that bind them together and resists their separation.

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging provides excellent protection against shock, vibration and compaction for goods in transit and storage. Its ultra light weight also ensures that freight and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

Industrial Paper Products

If you need it, we have it. From void-fill paper to food-safe packaging, we can source any product you need from our local and national suppliers.

Janitorial / Sanitation

Products available for both home and industrial use. If you don't see the product you're looking for, call us today and we will find it for you!


Customize and streamline your labeling needs with direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser labels, shipping & inventory labels, ink, solvents, ribbons, placards and more. You need it, we have it!

Lumber / Pallets

Large selection of lumber and wood pallets available for anything from home projects to ongoing major industry needs.


Poly mailers, bubble mailers, paper, chipboard, cardboard, you name it. We can source any mailer you need in various sizes.

Maintenance, Repair and Operation

We offer maintenance, repair and operation products and services for multiple types of machinery and hardware.

Office Supplies

From pencils to furniture, we have you covered--we sell all the office supplies your company could need.

Safety Products

Heat protection, safety clothing, respirators, first aid kits, hydration safety products and more. If you don't see what you need, give us a call and we will find it for you!


Ideal for heavy duty palletizing, carton closing and bundling. Used for more security and a tighter grip.


Sigma Supply of North America provides the highest quality open ended, reclosable, wicketed, tubbing, and vacuum seal bags. Virgin resins that meet FDA and USDA requirements are available.

Void Fill

Help lock products in place with our different kinds of void fill. Void fill closes up the free space found in boxes and help protect the products being shipped so they don't move around as much, lowering the chances of breakage.

Cold Packaging

Sigma Supply of North America offers packaging systems to help maintain a consistent temperature for the goods traveling from the manufacturing plant to the final destination! Keep perishable items safe with these options.