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StraPack RQ-8A and RQ-8AS Strapper

The Strapack RQ-8A is considered the "Gold Standard" of the strapping industry. This strapping machine is designed with two belts to match various package sizes. The machine is automated which allows it to be used in production line for high output operations.

StraPack RQ-8A and RQ-8AS Strapper Specifications

Product Type: Poly Strapping Equipment
Unit of Measure: each
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Minimum Order Quantity for Calculation: 1
Quantity: each
Arch Height(in/cm): 20"/ 500
Arch Width(in/cm): 25"/ 650

StraPack RQ-8A and RQ-8AS Strapper Features

This Strapack machine carries a standard power supply of 220V Three Phase with an optional 440/480V Three Phase or 110V Single Phase. A conveyor top can transport products through the machine, and with a conveyor speed up to 30m/min with the inverter system, this strapping machine produces rapid results. This Strapack machine carries a standard power supply of 220V Three Phase with an optional 110V Single Phase. The Strapack RQ-8A is innovatively designed for easy operator use and easy strap loading. The RQ-8A strapping machine allows for the use of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 inch strapping. The operator is easily able to adjust strap tension to accommodate many different products. The design of this strapping machine makes it so there is no need for lubrication which makes the maintenance cost of the RQ-8A very minimal. 

StraPack RQ-8A and RQ-8AS Strapper Brochure


StraPack RQ-8A and RQ-8AS Strapper Photos

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