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PRHM Pneumatic Push-type Combination Tool

The PRHM is a light weight, yet extremely powerful pneumatic combination strapping tool that has been specifically designed for strapping round or irregular shaped bundles. Compact and easy to operate, it applies a double reverse notch seal to 19mm heavy duty Magnus® steel strapping up to 0.80mm gauge. Important safety features have been developed for the PRHM. A new ‘sure seal’ device is incorporated, which ensures a safe seal is always made, eliminating the problems of interrupted or incomplete sealing cycles. Additionally, a sealer guard is fitted to provide complete protection of the operator’s hands. Although the PRHM weighs only 7.3kg, its premium quality construction provides totally reliable and durable performance, even in the most demanding conditions. Its light weight and ergonomic design improves efficiency by minimizing unnecessary operator effort, reducing fatigue, thereby improving productivity.

PRHM Pneumatic Push-type Combination Tool Features

‘Sure Seal’ Device                                                            

The PRHM incorporates a “sure seal” device so that a proper seal is always formed, ensuring maximum joint efficiency. Without this device, safety would be compromised if the tool’s sealing cycle is interrupted.

Sealer Guard                                                    

The sealer mechanism is fully guarded to ensure complete protection of the operator’s hands


At only 7.3kg, the PRHM is light enough to be used without suspension. The tool is easy to use and reduces operator fatigue, increasing production efficiency.

Reliable and Durable                                                                

From the outset, the PRHM was designed for reliability. Its robust construction ensures that the tool will withstand the tough operating environment seen in today’s metals industry

Easy to Use                                                  

The PRHM has been ergonomically designed to minimize unnecessary operator effort.

PRHM Pneumatic Push-type Combination Tool Photos

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