Stran-Flex Tapes

Stran-Flex is Sigma Supply of North American private-label tape. That carries a wide variety of tapes from carton sealing tapes, water-activated tapes, premium box sealing tape, masking tapes, and more.

Carton Sealing Tape

Sigma Supply brings you carton-sealing tape from the leading brands. These box sealing tapes are specially formulated to stick to recycled corrugated boxes.

Duct and Cloth Tape

Sigma Supply offers a full range of duct & cloth tape.

Double Coated Tape / Double Sided Tape

With premium adhesive on both sides, double sided and double coated tape is the go-to solution for all of your mounting, holding and seaming needs, including temporarily hanging signage and posters.

3M™ Ultra Durable Floor Marking Tape 971

3M™ Ultra Durable Floor Marking Tape 971 is comprised of a polylactic acid (PLA) backing with a rubber adhesive. This tape designed for long-term floor marking can still come up clean, and in one piece, after several years on the floor.

Water Activated Tape

Sigma Supply of North America offers water activated tape (or gummed tape). This tape bonds instantly.

Filament and Strapping Tape

Filament Tapes and MOPP (Monoaxially-Oriented Polypropylene) tapes are used in many different markets and applications including appliance manufacturing.

Flatback Tape – Packaging Tape

Flatback Tape Sigma Supply’s Flatback Tape (Paper Tape or Kraft Paper Tape) is designed for superior performance.

Masking Tape

SSNA offers masking tape and painters tapes designed for superior performance.

Specialty Tapes

Range features application-specific designs for industries, including water-resistant masking tapes and highly adhesive duct tape.

Tape Dispensers

Sigma Supply of North America tape dispensers vary widely based on the tape used. Conveniently used for sealing packages.