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Online Customers' FAQ

How to Linking My  Existing Account?

1. Click My Account 

2. Click Get Started, input your Customer Number 

3.  Contact your sales representative for his/her Link Code, input the provided Link Code, then click Next

4. Verify that all the account information is correct, then click Next

5. Enter the required information for Create Your Account, then click Sign Up

Note: If this information is incorrect, please contact your Sigma Supply sales representative immediately. 



What to Do If I Forgot My Password? 

1. Click My Account 

2. Click Forgot your password? Enter your User ID, then click Submit

3. Login to your email associated with your Sigma Supply of North America Account

4. Open the email sent from Email Systems, and copy the temporary password

5. Go back to, and click My Account 

6. Under "Customer Login" enter your User ID and the temporary password provided, then click Log in 



How to Change My Password? 

Note: Users must be logged into his/her account to complete the steps below.

1. Click My Account 

2. Click Profile Info

3. Enter a new password in the Password field and re-enter the new password in the Confirm Password field

4. Click Save



How to Create a Supply List?

Note: Users must be logged into his/her account to complete the steps below.

1. When browsing items under "Online Shopping" click the + (plus) icon of an item desired.

2. Input the name of the New Supply List

3. If the supply list needs to be private, click the Private check box

Note: A supply supply list made private may only be available and edited by the user who created it. If the supply is does not need to be private proceed to step 4.

4. Click Update

Note: Users can select as many items as desired to a supply list by repeating step 1, selecting an Existing Supply List, and clicking Update

From Stretch Wrappers to Carton Sealers, Sigma Supply has the equipment, installation, maintenance and training to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your packaging operation.

If you'd like to check availability or pricing for an item, ask to speak with your local sales representative.

Equipment Service

Our technical services group of factory-trained technicians is prepared to offer the highest level of support in the industry, including new installations, providing and installing replacement parts, training, and preventive maintenance. We pride ourselves on our level of service and will respond quickly and professionally.

Contact us for more information about our service programs and to learn if same-day service is available in your area.

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Replacement Parts

Looking for a replacement part for your packaging equipment? SSNA is your source for replacement parts for all manner of packaging equipment, as well as installation, service and repair. Our technicians are happy to assist sourcing and pricing the parts you need as well as quoting for professional installation.

Contact us today for more information about replacement parts and installation options in your area.

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