Packaging Supplies

Squid Ink Inkjet Printers

Squid Ink specializes in the manufacture of industrial inkjet printers and high quality industrial inkjet inks for the packaging industry. Their products and services are designed to provide reliable cost-effective solutions to your industrial applications. Squid Ink has relied on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the inkjet industry to design a full family of Large Character and Hi-Resolution printing systems. Additionally, Squid Ink has been able to formulate the most comprehensive line of Hi-Resolution, Piezo, and Large Character fluids in the product identification market today.

High-Resolution Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are computer components that produce hard copy by spraying ink onto paper. The print head has several tiny nozzles called jets. These nozzles spray the ink onto the paper as it moves, forming the images or characters.

DOD Large-Character Printers

Large character printers are outfitted with high-performance, smart electronic components and nozzles. You can apply digits, numbers, codes, and much more to different surfaces and materials.

Laser Coders

A laser coder creates etches that are shallow and can be even be used on the skin of fruit. Laser coder characters are changed through an electric control panel, and provide a high-speed, non-contact approach to coding.

Squid Ink Accessories

Accessories for Squid Ink printers including validation systems and coding software.