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BestPack Carton Sealing Equipment

Our over 90 models of carton sealing machines are broken down into 4 categories. Begin finding the case sealer for you, by selecting one of the four categories below.

Adjustable Manual Carton Sealer

Featured is the popular BestPack MSD Series Semi-Automatic Uniform Tape Carton Sealer, an operator-fed and adjustable carton sealing machine designed for light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications.

Adjustable Fully Automatic Carton Sealer

Our fully automatic carton sealers will automatically space, feed machines into the machine, fold the flaps of box, and finally seal the carton with a consistent seal – all without an operator.

Random Manual Carton Sealer

Eliminate costly downtime associated with changing over case sizes. Our random manual carton sealers provide the flexibility to adjust to the width and height of each box without an operator needing to adjust the machine settings.

Random Fully Automatic Carton Sealer

Our fully-automatic carton sealers automatically feed the box, adjust to the size of the box, fold the flaps, and seal the carton. This is the perfect solution for a packaging line with random sized boxes and no operator.

Manual Bottom Drive Carton Sealer

The BestPack™ MBD Series is an operator-fed, adjustable carton sealer designed to efficiently fulfill light to heavy duty uniform top and bottom sealing carton closure application needs.

Manual Side-drive Dual Mast Flap Folder

The BestPack™ MSDBF sealer is a unique multi-purpose machine. Featuring a convenient top 3-flap folder and bottom T-rail leading to an extended side-drive system, the MSDBF enables a person to efficiently erect, pack, flap fold, and seal a carton in one station.

Manual Side-drive Dual Mast

The BestPack™ MSD 304 Stainless Steel Series Semi-Automatic Uniform Tape Carton Sealer is our operator-fed and adjustable carton sealer designed to cater to the needs of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications where there are wet environments.

Automatic Uniform Side-drive

The BestPack AS Series is an operator-free carton sealer designed to meet the needs of uniform in-line carton closure applications. Designed with a solid four column support structure and using dual motor side belt technology, the AS closes all four top flaps and seals the top & bottom of the carton, using 45-60 PSI and 4-5 SCFM of air.

Random Side-drive

The BestPack RS Series is a Semi-Automatic Random Tape Carton Sealer built for speed and rugged dependability. Using side belt drives, the RS easily seals a wide range of random carton weights and sizes, with masts that allow for an extra 4” of carton height on the upper assembly.

Fully Automatic Random Side-drive

The BestPack™ CSX Series Fully Automatic Random Carton Sealer’s advanced engineering provides the high speed output, and are built for rugged dependability. The CSX design uses three independent operating stations that include the Centering Station, Folding Station, and Sealing Station.