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A Timeline

Sigma Supply of North America has been a certified women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) since 2004. We are proud of this certification and the opportunities that it provides for our business and for our clients as well. WBENC works to foster diversity in the world of commerce.

The Early Years

Dan Hamby grew up fishing on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs is where he would meet his wife, Martha, and the town would serve as the headquarters of Sigma Supply.

The 1960s

During the 1960s, Dan and Martha Hamby married and moved to Boston, Massachusetts where Dan had the opportunity to get his start as a MYSTIK Tape salesman. He was promoted to regional manager shortly thereafter. 

The 1970s

In 1970, Martha and Dan moved back to Hot Springs, Arkansas to start their family-owned business, Sigma Supply.

In 1972, Sigma Supply moved into its second office and warehouse on Valley Street in Hot Springs, Arkansas, depicted above.

Half of the building on the right belonged to Sigma Supply and the other half housed a local law office.

Several years later, Sigma Supply bought out the other owners for the use of the full building. They later purchased the building to the left for extra storage and trailer parking capability.


In the beginning, Sigma Supply shared its first office with a law firm. The secretary answered a black phone for the law office and a red phone for "Sigma Supply." The secretary also kept track of Mr. Hamby's notes and messages while he was making deliveries and sales calls.


Dan made deliveries in his El Camino. His children, Maggie, Banks, and Scott, rode along and helped each summer.

The 1980s

Maggie, Banks, and Scott joined the family business.


Sigma Supply opened its first branch location in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on Wheeler Street.


Dave Scharf, Sales Representative for 3M, presenting the Pioneer Award for outstanding sales to Banks, Dan, and Scott in the Valley Street warehouse.


Paul Breitenberg joined Sigma Supply to start a second branch location in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Willow Road.


Sigma Supply relocated its corporate offices from Valley Street to its current location at 824 Mid-America Blvd in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Dave Ezell joined Sigma Supply, and soon after, the Fort Smith location moved into a larger facility on Towson Street.

Within one year, Sigma Supply was expanding the Towson Street location by an additional 36,000 sq. ft.

Sigma Supply also made its first expansion to the 824 Mid-America Blvd. location in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Sigma Supply opened a third branch location in Memphis, Tennessee, on Airport Road.

One year later, the company merged the Jonesboro and Memphis locations into a larger facility in Memphis, Tennessee, on Millbranch Road (pictured above).


This year brought about the second warehouse expansion to the 824 Mid-America Blvd. location in Hot Springs.

In this expansion, Sigma Supply expanded its corporate offices and boardroom and added an employee training center.

Mr. Hamby once said he envisioned "multiple groups of Sigma employees passing through the new training center annually, learning new products and processes that would enhance the customer experience."


In 2001 the customer demand for West Coast operations led the company to open its North Las Vegas facility to reduce delivery time and improve customer service.


In 2003, the Hamby Family launched Sigma Supply of North America as a WBENC business.

Note: Over the next several years, due to rapid recognition that SSNA received from Fortune 100 companies, the Hamby family decided to move Sigma Supply of North America to the forefront of its sales & distribution network.


During this period, Sigma began providing customer support out of the Richmond, Virginia area.


Based on the tremendous growth in the Memphis area from the Millbranch Road location, Sigma opened its first design-build warehouse in Lake Cormorant, Mississippi, on 1 Sigma Drive in 2007. This 254,000 sq. ft. facility became the new flagship of the company.


Picture of Scott Hamby touring the latest facility at the time in Lake Cormorant, MS.


In 2011 Sigma opened its next regional location in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Dazell Street.


In 2012, Sigma Supply purchased the 301 Mid-America Blvd facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This location serves as the home base for our Sigma Equipment Group and Service Department, Technician Training Center, Innovation Center, Marketing Department, and 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse.


This year marked the grand opening of the Grand Prairie, Texas regional location on West Carrier Parkway.


Megan graduates from the University of Arkansas and marks the third generation of the Hamby family to join Sigma Supply of North America.


Sigma purchases Arkansas Packaging with locations in North Little Rock, Paragould, and Springdale, Arkansas.


2015 saw the retirement of Dan and Martha Hamby from the family business.


SSNA purchases a much larger building on Al Bourland Drive in Shreveport, Louisiana, to accommodate growing customer demand.

SSNA purchases Affiliated Distributors Incorporated (ADI) in Plano, Texas.


SSNA purchases Platinum Paper in Houston, Texas, located on Fulton Street.


This year marked the first Bi-Annual SSNA National Sales Rep. trade show held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, with over 50 suppliers in attendance.


SSNA launches sales and distribution operations in South Carolina in 2017 with the Columbia facility's purchase on Rosewood Drive and the asset acquisition of the Delta Packaging operation in Florence, South Carolina, located on Pisgah Road.


This year saw the addition of sales and distribution operations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, on East Pine Street.


Sigma Supply welcomed its second third-generation Hamby family member into the business with Dillon graduating from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA).


Another major success was marked in 2019 as Sigma opened its brand new Innovation Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas, showcasing top-of-the-line equipment with features, training, and demonstrations. 


This year brought about six warehouse moves or upgrades based on growth in multiple regions.

  1. North Las Vegas moved into a larger facility on North Marion Drive.​
  2. Houston moved into a larger facility on Greens Road.​
  3. Fort Smith doubled its size with the purchase of our new facility on Burrough Road.​
  4. Columbia installed a new rack system that virtually doubled its pallet capacity.
  5. North Little Rock installed a new rack system that significantly increased their storage capacity.
  6. Hot Springs, Arkansas facility located at 824 Mid America Boulevard, installed a new rack and bulk system that increased storage capacity by 27%.


2020 has brought us our third member of the third generation with Melissa joining the SSNA team after graduating from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA).


The Hamby Family celebrates Sigma Supply's 50th anniversary of servicing customers and the packaging industry. 

At Sigma Supply our motto is, “Anyone can sell you a box or a roll of tape, but we create solutions and sell service!”   

Sigma Supply now has over 120 trained sales representatives, that are supported by 250+ Sigma Supply's associates. With multiple packaging engineers and service technicians located virtually coast to coast, Sigma Supply can service products from 1.5 million square feet of warehouse space throughout the country.

Sigma Supply is a one-stop-shop for packaging solutions, equipment sales, technical support, and online shopping. With same-day shipping for more than 100,000 items. Sigma Supply is the partner in the packaging industry you have been looking for.


Sigma Supply of North America designs the packaging that supports low temperatures requirements for Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine transportation.