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3M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer 7000a Pro

Consistent. Reliable. Tough. Today, companies need to be fast and flexible in every phase of their operations—and that includes end-of-line packaging. The 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer 7000a Pro/7000a3 Pro gives manufacturers and distributors from every industry the packaging flexibility and speed to stay one step ahead of the competition. 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Head Technology and tough, durable construction make sure your boxes are sealed swiftly and reliably, shift after shift, year after year. Plus, expanded box size capacity and interchangeable 2-inch or 3-inch taping heads allow you to change as your business changes, boosting your productivity, cutting your costs and keeping your business nimble.

3M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer 7000a Pro Specifications

Operating Rate

  • Seals up to 40 cases per minute

Box Capacities

  • Length: 6.0" to unlimited
  • Width: 6.5" to 26"
  • Height: 4.5" to 28.0" (standard)
  • 1.5" to 25.0" (low)
  • 12.25" to 35.5" (high)

3M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer 7000a Pro Features

  • 3M™ AccuGlide™ 3 Taping Heads ensure reliable application of tape without box damage
  • Auxiliary offset taping head position increases flexibility in sealing shorter boxes
  • Interchangeable 2-or 3-inch taping heads maximize production flexibility
  • Easily accessible side handle and reference ruler make height adjustments a snap for a wide variety of case heights from 1.5–35.5 inches
  • Rugged, dual-extruded columns allow for smooth incremental adjustments to case heights
  • Unified side guides adjust both sides at once for onehanded simplicity

Standard Features

  • Top and bottom drive belt system
  • Top flap compression rollers
  • Centrally located emergency stop
  • Spring-loaded upper drive assembly
  • Dual masts and dual lead screws

Options: Infeed and exit conveyors, locking casters, low tape indicator, tape application monitor, box hold-down attachment

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